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Aviation Management Consulting Services
Aviation Management Consulting Services
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Solutions for Difficult Aviation and Airport Management Decisions 

In todays competitive world I can help you make sense of the complex technical matters affecting you and your company. Through my services, I will carefully explain critical aviation issues in a manner that is easy to understand and provide you with the advice you seek in legal matters (such as expert witness services),  technical projects, or human resources issues. I will be there as your one stop resource for all your aviation related needs.


Independent Aviation Management Consultant - I offer consulting in all areas of: aviation management, including but not limited to planning and development (including project management), operations, maintenance, governmental affairs, public relations, safety, and security. I specialize in airport management Expert Witness services, runway safety training and strategic planning (including change management), organizational design, quality management and human resource needs.   

I may be contacted at email: wranki@msn.com or by calling:

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