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Astrophotography is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I capture and celebrate the universe we live in. On this site, I will display some of my favorite astro photographs.

With my Nexstar 11, Borg 100ED, and Personal Solar telescopes, I have captured the planets, sun, moon, stars and galaxies as I try to explore the universe. I will change the photographs weekly, so check back often.

Slooh Observatories Remote Imaging

Using the mission cameras at the Slooh Observatories in Chile, the Canary Islands, and Australia, I used to remotely image solar system and deep sky objects by remote control using the internet. These are actual images that were  taken in real time. Below the images I have given the location of the observatory used to take the images.

Asteroid 2002NY40 on 8/18/02 by Chip Gentry
Time Laspe Photo of Asteroid 2002NY40 on 8/18/02
Click on the photo above to go to Chip's site

Mars Rover Sprit Captures Dust Devils
Mars Rover Sprit Captures Dust Devils
Photo Credit: NASA/JPL

New Horizon Photo of Pluto's Moon Charon in Orbit
New Horizon Photo of Pluto's Moon Charon in Orbit

Pluto over the Years
Pluto over the Years
Credits: NASA

The Comet NEAT
The Comet NEAT
Photo Credit; Astronomy Magazine

Jupiter and it's moons
Time Lapse Photo of Jupiter's Moons
Photo Credit: Sky and Telescope Website

Solar Flare
Solar Flare
Photo Credit: Vincent Chan


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